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The HEIL air-motion transformer is recognized by the audio industry as the most significant loudspeaker breakthrough of the last century and is licensed EXCLUSIVELY to ESS.  Once you’ve heard it, you’ll agree that the ESS HEIL air-motion transformer indeed delivers “SOUND AS CLEAR AS LIGHT”.


The Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) uses a folded pleated Mylar Diaphragm of a mere 0.0005” thickness!  The voice coil is a serpentine pattern of precision etched aluminum chosen for light weight and high power handling. Unlike a normal piston loudspeaker which excites the air by alternately pushing and pulling the diaphragm, the AMT  displaces the air by alternately squeezing and expanding the pleats, moving the air at a very high velocity.  Because the moving mass of the AMT is extremely low, and the magnetic structure very powerful, this combination results in extremely high acceleration yielding amazing transients. The AMT's low mass and high output allow for a unusually high combination of efficiency and bandwidth to be attained in a single loudspeaker.  The AMT is a dipolar transducer, meaning like a real musical instrument, it creates as much sound to the front as it does to the rear, allowing for a more natural and musical ambiance to be heard in your listening room.   The shape of this diaphragm allows for wide dispersion in the horizontal axis, but tightly controlled vertical dispersion. This creates a wide sound-stage while simultaneously minimizing unwanted reflections from floor and ceiling. Ess is the manufacturer of the original and still best Air Motion Transformer invented by Dr. Oskar Heil over 30 years ago. The AMT is able to efficiently reproduce frequencies over the very wide range of 500 to 20,000 Hz. The minimum recommended crossover frequency is 800 Hz at 12db/octave or more.  Impedance is 4 ohms nominal, 3.5 ohms minimum.  Maximum sustained RMS power is 400 watts RMS band limited pink noise, 160 watts maximum peak.  Sensitivity is 92db for 1Watt @ 1 Meter.


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AMT “Limited Edition”


The unique stunning design of this speaker encompasses a perfect blend of sonic excellence and beauty. It’s classic pyramid form is both striking and acoustically efficient, permitting the midrange and tweeter frequencies of the Heil air-motion transformer to be dispersed unobstructed to both the front and rear of the speakers.The cabinet enclosing the 12 inch woofer and the rear-mounted bass radiator is strategically braced for structural rigidity. This structural reinforcement also serves to minimize cabinet induced resonance.The classically contoured AMT offers the listener precise definition and detail of mid and high frequencies along with deep, rich, full-bodied bass and an overall spaciousness to rival a live concert.


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LD - 10LR


This flagship of the AMT line offers superb performance throughout the full audio range. Utilizing the unparalleled Heil air-motion transformer in a bi-radiating configuration, it provides unmatched imaging, definition, and detail throughout the critical mid-range and high frequencies. Superior bass performance is achieved through the use of our 10-inch cast woofer in a large-volume cabinet, coupled with a front facing 12-inch bass radiator. The classic styling and acoustic performance make this the natural choice for those who desire the best.







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This combination of an enclosure of moderate size, and ESS designed components, provides excellent performance and appearance at an affordable price. In this model, bass performance is enhanced through the use of a larger, well-braced enclosure and our cast aluminum 10-inch woofer, coupled with an 8-inch bass radiator. This woofer, with its open-back design, rigid construction and polypropylene cone, produces deep, dynamic bass without the colorations associated with conventional stamped basket woofers. With the superb mid-range and high frequency performance of the Heil air-motion transformer midrange-tweeter, this speaker provides excellent sound for all musical tastes.




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